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Large door panel made of Spanish Cedar. Completely hand carved. A nice strutting Gobbler under a Dogwood limb in full bloom, surrounded by a border of Dogwood blooms and leaves.
Fully carved Turkey Call. Made of select Honduran Mahogany resting on a base made from Buckeye Burl and accented with two carved Mahogany Oak leaves. This call was entered into the 2004 NWTF National Competition, received first place honors.
Completely hand carved Ivory Bolo Tie. This piece was hand carved from a solid piece of Elephant Ivory.

Above is a carving of a bear scene done on a 17 inch wide and ten foot long piece of Wormy Chestnut. This was part of a fifty five foot long facing of a balcony. There were four scenes carved to make up the balcony facing; Whitetail deer, Turkey, Elk and Bear scenes. Picture below is of that Balcony.

Shown above is part of the Balcony carving. The carving is sixteen feet, eight inches long. This is the center section of that carving, it consist of two scenes, one of a nice bull Elk with his cows and the other a more dramatic scene of a bull Elk backed up on a cliff with no where to go, by a pack of wolves. Below is a bust of a bull Elk and a wolf which are part of this carving.

Whitetail Deer. Part of the balcony carvings. This piece is ten feet long. Featuring a bust of a nice buck in the center and a scene of two bucks battling it out with a few other deer looking on.
Large strutting Turkey hand carved from a solid piece of Walnut.
Watercolor of Wood Ducks.
Water Color of a pair of Orioles.
Oil painting of Lake Highwood.
Oil painting of Eagles.